The rules

General Conditions of Participation 2016

Free BMX inc. vzw organizes in corporation with the city of Hasselt the Belgian BMX Open.
The event will take place from Friday July 16 till Sunday July 17 at the Kapermolenpark Hasselt.

Who may participate?
The Belgian BMX Open is a BMX only contest. Everyone who rides a bmx is aloud to participate, no matter your age or gender.

To participate at the contest, we ask a small entrance fee. For Pro riders, everyone who is sponsored, we ask €30, for amateur riders the fee is €10. Non WBV members +€5 day license including Insurance.

Note, the contest is free for all spectators. The bunnyhop contest is free of charge and is for Pro and Amateur riders.
note: you have to be inscripted in one of those classes.

Try to register online to make the participation easier. You can still register at the day of the contest at the registerdesk.

How does the contest processes?
Friday is a general practice day in the park and on the dirts.
Saturday is amateurs only, in the park and on the dirts.
Sunday is pro day, the Park, Dirt , Street, Flat and Bunnyhop contest,.

All riders, amateur and pro, have to do a qualification session to reach the finals. (note: this does not count for the Kids Contest)
This means there will be a jury who decides the points. Arguing the judges is out of the question.

Every participant automatically declares himself agree with the rules from the moment he or she subscribes to the contest.

Participants automatically declare themselves agree the different media make photos and / or movies for publicity in any form. Winners agree to cooperate for any possible interviews.

Free BMX inc. vzw and the city of Hasselt are not responsible for any accidents, theft or damage in any form.