Elfde Liniestraat
3500 Hasselt

Centrally located, just 5 minutes away from the centre of Hasselt,
you ‘ll find the park, between the trees next to the swimming pool.

How to find your way to the park:

By car:

  • Brussels, take the E314, first follow signs Leuven/Liège, later on Hasselt and take exit 27. (60min).
  • Antwerp, follow the E313 straight to Hasselt and take exit 27 (60min).
  • Liège, follow the E313 toutes directions and take exit 28 (35min).
  • Köln, take the A4 till you arrive at the Dutch border, follow the A76 till the Belgian border, than continue by driving the E314. Take exit 31 to Hasselt (1h45min).


By train:
There is a train from every Belgian train station towards Hasselt.
Once you ‘r of the train, take the bus to the Kapermolenpark.
(There are plenty of them, every minute.
You can take the H2, H5, 16, 2, 182, 180, 18A, 21, 1) This takes about 7minutes. Within the city of Hasselt, all public transport is free of charge.

By plane:
The best is to fly to the airport in Brussels. Once you get there you can go directly to the train station of the airport. You got a direct train to Hasselt without any changes



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